XXX Nudes!

Oh, ouch. No nudes here, you cheeky monkeys. Cheap shot to get you here to read my blog. I’m sure I’m sorry, but probably not half as sorry as you are for stumbling across this thing. Serves you right for trying to get your kinky sex jollies off on the internet, though. In my day, we used magazines and books like normal people! Kids these days…

Since you’re here, allow me to tell you a bit about myself. Scootch in close and I’ll start weaving my yarn.

Hello. My name is Erin. I like to write. Some say I’m good at it (thanks, Mom), some say otherwise. I will let you decide which class I fall into.

I don’t have one specific genre which I write in; if you’ve browsed the tomes of my writings, you’ll find I go from the absurd bits of fiction (“Firefoot Larkins” comes to mind) to deeply personal journal-like entries (“This Thing Called Depression”, “What I Wanted: 2011”, etc.) to letting you know I’m a goddamned heathen (the entire “A Is For Atheist” series of posts) to fiction based on real-life events (“Cancer Is A Noun”, “Not Her”). As you can see, I’m all over the place. I do not bow to one form or another; basically, I just write what I feel like writing. I maybe should find one specific area and stick to it, but that’s no fun for me. As a “writer,” and I used quotations because I don’t like referring to myself as a writer…yes, I write, but when I’m introduced to new people and the friend doing the introduction says, “this is Erin. She’s a writer!” the inevitable “Oh! Are you published?” comes up and technically, yes, I have been published (promotion time: I have a short story in Lost Children: A Charity Anthology. All proceeds go to two very terrific charities to help children–PROTECT and Children 1st UK), and have appeared online at Pure Slush, but I still cringe at referring to myself as a writer. I’m more of a dabbler, really.

I hope you enjoy browsing the archives and find something that appeals to you. If not, that’s perfectly fine, as well. I didn’t create this blog for you; it’s for me as a chance to get all the junk in my head out.

Thank you for reading.

Your pal,



  1. john the violator · October 17, 2007

    Goddamit! I wanted hot sexxxy XXX pics and vids! Oh well, that is a nice bio Erin.

    I have to agree with you on the divorce thing, it may be out of line for me to say this, but you are right about it being tougher on older kids. It really sucks when you are 26 and your parents are fighting over you and trying to make you feel bad for seeing the other parent more or whatever it may be. It is harder for older kids because they have their own lives and don’t always have time to deal with their parents acting like children. That being said my parents are still married but they hate eachother. It is a tough situation, and having known both of your parents I feel for ya!

    I think you are doing a good job of being you, and that is something that you have always done.

    Keep on blogging homie; it is hilarious!

  2. Diego · May 13, 2011

    I like you, I like you ALOHT. Much like you my parents divorced when I was 22ish, now i don’t believe in marriage. My brother who is also 7 years older than me was a dick when we were growing up. It took my 21st birthday for him to actually call me to hang out, pssh whatevs.

    Unlike you I started blogging to enhance my ego. Or rather, cuz I have a huge ego. You’ll see, it’ll probably poke you in the eye when you read it. Not that there’s much to read. People don’t have long attention spans. Look at me I’m doing this while i’m at work. I’m supposed to be working.. oh look a squirrel! … come to think of it, have you ever seen a baby squirrel? or are they just born that size? And why are kittens soo delicious?

  3. Daniel Cecil (@DrinkyMcGee) · December 15, 2011

    I’ve been had.

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