January 21, 2014

Please forgive me while I vent a bit.

I’ve been on unemployment since the first of November, so roughly three months. I was insured for about $3,500. I get paid weekly. As of tomorrow, my benefits are completely exhausted and my payment is less than half of what I normally get. I called my best friends at the Department of Labor and was on hold for thirty minutes before I could talk to a human.

I asked what I need to do, aside from getting a damn job.

“Normally, we’d file a federal extension for emergency benefits, but as of December, it expired, but there’s a motion in the senate to reconsider approval, so just keep filing weekly and maybe it’ll get passed.”

Ooooohhhhh suuuuupppppeeeeeerrrrrrr. Unemployed and fucked over by The Man. In the words of Chandler Bing, “could I *BE* any luckier?”

No. No I cannot.

So. How about a job, eh? Hmm? Please? No? Okay.

That’s it. Thanks for reading.



  1. Paige Deppe · January 22, 2014

    Seriously… try going to a temp agency. You may not find what you want, but at least you wouldn’t be doing it for long, right!!?

  2. Paul from Twitter · January 24, 2014

    That sucks. I was unemployed for almost a year before I found a job,

    Stay strong. Something WILL come along. Wishing all the best for you.

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