Coffee and Cream

Jamey sits outside, smoking her morning cigarette, wearing only her thick, plush bathrobe to protect her from the cold outside. It’s late summer, and there’s a chill in the air, uncommon for this time of year. There’s a slight breeze that makes its way into her robe, and the brisk air on her bare skin gives her goosebumps. She feels daring being naked with only a half-inch of fabric protecting her from being totally exposed. She shivers and brings her shaky hand up to her mouth for another drag, inhales deeply, and expels a stream of smoke out of her open lips, the wind carrying it away.

The back door opens and her roommate, Seth, walks outside and sits next to her at the patio table.

“Morning,” he says as he lights his own cigarette.

Jamey tightens the bathrobe closer to her, aware that one false move could expose her breasts to him.

“Good morning.”

“Chilly this morning, isn’t it?” Seth zips up his hooded sweatshirt and puts the hood over his head. This gesture makes him look younger than he is, like a teenage boy stealing a few drags before class.

“Yeah, I’m freezing.”

“Well, that bathrobe probably isn’t doing much for you,” Seth says. Jamey is suddenly paranoid that Seth knows she’s naked, and pulls the robe tighter against her.

Jamey can’t take the uncomfortable feeling any more…besides, she started brewing a pot of coffee before she came out and could use a cup to warm her insides from the cold.

As she gets up from the table, Jamey asks Seth if he wants a cup, too.

“Sure, thanks,” he says between puffs on his cigarette.

Jamey stands up and somehow manages to inadvertently snag her robe on the corner of the patio chair and instead of moving with her, the rob tugs at her body, sliding off her skin. She’s standing there, naked. Jamey is frozen in stunned terror. Seth looks up at her casually, his eyes roam up and down, then focus on her chest.

“Can I have cream with my coffee, please?”


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