Acts of Senseless Insensitivity

Good morning, friends.

This post isn’t what you think. Yes, it’s about the Colorado shooting; but no, it’s not about how the people on various online social networking sites making light of the situation and cracking jokes in what we feel is “too soon.”

This is about the shooting itself and how we are sensationalizing it. That’s the true act of insensitivity, in my opinion.

Yes, the crime is abhorrent. Innocent people were killed for no good reason. We Americans seem to forget, or choose to forget, that things like this happen on a daily basis around the world. We are not the only ones who suffers needless tragedies, but because we view ourselves differently then the rest of the world, we make ourselves martyrs and suggest we are.

I realize since the shooting also took place in Colorado, this opened up old wounds suffered from Columbine. It seems too soon to everyone, but in reality, again, this happens more frequently than we know.

I don’t mean to detract from the grief and sorrow of the family members who lost their daughters or sons, because I feel sympathy for them, I do. Losing someone is never easy, no matter how prematurely they are taken from our lives.

Also, this is not an issue of gun control, either. No matter how stringent the laws, how thorough the security is, there is always going to be someone crazy enough out there to get by all them and do the same thing.

By all means–mourn for lives lost in Colorado, but also take the time to grieve for other lives lost due to random acts of violence, for innocents taken in war, for those who suffer extreme poverty, for those dying of starvation, for lives taken due to acts of terrorism. Don’t be of the mindset “I can’t believe this happened here…” be of the mindset “I can’t believe this happens anywhere…”

Again, don’t misunderstand me–I may be coming off as insensitive myself, and this probably angers you, and that’s fine. But it angers me we ignore 90% of what happens around us until something occurs close to home. We aren’t alone on this planet, friends.

My condolences to lives lost in Colorado…and around the world.


  1. Thomas Pluck · July 22, 2012

    Well said. This happens at least every day in Afghanistan, Iraq (you know, American suburbs) and other countries we wring out for our profits.
    But you know, our lives mean something to us and theirs don’t.

  2. julesjustwrite · July 23, 2012

    Kudos to this post, E. I second (amendment) your thoughts.

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