The Morning After

I destroy things. I take what you have created and I undo it. I will come in and without a second thought, take everything you’ve worked so hard for and make a mockery of it and you.

I take my job very seriously and you should not be so callous as to dismiss my ability. Swift, accurate and deadly. No remorse for what I do, and if you are seeking my assistance, you are just as heartless and cold as I am.

When you ask for my help, you are ashamed and embarrassed by it. You fucked up and you want me to fix it. Lucky for you, I’m the generous type, so I do.

“Next time might not work out for you, friend,” I sneer as I do my job.

I am the Morning After Pill. You are a whore.

One comment

  1. polishsnausage · February 7, 2012

    Author’s note: please know that I am in 100% support for the Morning After Pill and am pro-choice. I wanted to explore the alternate view of this topic.

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