January 10, 2012

It has come to my attention by three people in the span of a month that some of my writing has hurt or offended those that have read it.

My first initial reaction is guilt. Despite what some may think, it deeply saddens me that I have caused anyone pain in any way, shape or form. I have always taken some pride in being a caring person and to hear this makes me realize that maybe I’m not who I think I am and need to reevaluate myself and think about others before I write.

My second reaction is anger. This is my personal blog where I am allowed to express myself in whatever way I see fit and if you don’t like what I write, then don’t fucking read it. You know, First Amendment rights and all that.

I find myself at a crossroad now: continue writing without regard to what anyone thinks, or to stop writing all together. I don’t want to cause anyone grief, but on the other hand, this here blog is my therapy. It keeps me sane…or helps me at least claim some semblance of sanity.

So. What to do next? Good question.

Until then…the end?

One comment

  1. Chris · January 11, 2012

    Keep writing. The people that are offended, and can’t understand it wasn’t meant to offend them, aren’t worth worrying about. Those that are offended, and it was aimed at… well, if you aimed it at them, and they’re offended, you’re doing it right.

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