Blow Up The Outside World

Michael stood in front of his bedroom window, his fingers drawing apart the slats of the shade and he peeked outside.

A shudder coursed through his body, causing goosebumps to raise the hair on his arms and neck. The sun was shining too brightly, the birds were singing too loud, and the woman who lived down the street was walking her dog too fast, her ponytail bobbing up and down too gaily.

A vicious snarl curled his top lip and he spat on the window, a thick, viscous glob of phlegm splattered against it and began oozing down. A fly that had been buzzing around the room landed on the window and carelessly stepped in the slime and got stuck, its wings flapping frantically as it tried to lift itself out, but it was hopeless.

Michael stepped away from the window and hastily drew the curtain shut. “Today is the day,” he said aloud. His black and white cat was laying on top of the dresser and flipped his tail in response, letting out a deep “meow.”

Michael was disgusted with the world and wanted to see it end. He had planned for this day for a while, waiting for the right time and today seemed like a good day to destroy everything.

He walked downstairs to his basement where he had his laboratory and sat down behind his desk and turned his computer on. The screen flicked on and he went to the Department of Defense’s site and hacked into it. He chuckled at how easy it was to get the codes for nuclear weapons.

Michael went upstairs again and made himself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and added a layer of potato chips; his favorite snack. He grabbed the jug of chocolate milk from the fridge, poured a glass and took the food back down to the basement, returning to his work station. Michael took a large bite of sandwich and relished the crunch the chips added and took a swig of chocolate milk to wash it down. He wiped his mouth with the back of his shirt sleeve and moved his computer mouse to return the screen to life. The DOD site once more before him.

“This is it. Welcome to nuclear holocaust,” he said as he typed the codes. His finger lingered over the “return” key for a second, then with one quick movement, punched the key.

Today was the day Michael blew up the outside world.


  1. sarahhans · January 9, 2012

    Hmmm peanut butter and jelly sammich with potato chips. Nummy.

    • polishsnausage · January 11, 2012

      Ha! Sounds good to me. Thanks for reading!

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