Dead Tired

The clock on my desk reads 12:56 p.m. I sigh heavily and move my computer mouse to take the screen saver off the screen. My eyelids droop and pop open as I wake myself up. I would punch a nun in the head to be able to take a nap now…

Another heavy sigh and I look at the clock again. 12:57 p.m. Four more hours left of my shift at work. I sit staring at the screen, my eyes not quite focusing and then darkness as my lids close again, this time rocketed back awake by the phone ringing.

“This is ridiculous,” I mutter to myself.

I get up from my desk and walk out of the office and down the corridor. Maybe a few laps around the hallways will wake me up. I pass the patient rooms and see people sitting in there, waiting for their doctor to see them. I make eye contact with an elderly gentleman and offer him a polite smile. He nods in return and picks up an outdated copy of some magazine laying on the bed tray next to him.

I continue walking and see an empty room, save the lone gurney in the corner. I stop and stare at it; it looks so inviting and comfortable. There’s a pillow and blanket folded up on the end. I turn my head in both directions to see if anyone is coming. I’m alone and walk into the room, shut the door behind me and walk over to the bed. I climb on top, fluff the pillow and spread the blanket over myself and drift off to sleep.


Carl Davis walks down the cement stairs to the basement level of the hospital and he fumbles for his keys as he approaches the door.   He jams the key into the hole, and the key-heavy ring jangles. He pushes the door open a little too forcefully and it bangs against the wall. He strides over to the desk in the corner and throws the keys down. He sits down in the green plastic chair and logs in to the computer, his long, thin fingers tapping loudly on the keyboard. He sits there a few minutes, checking his email and wishes he could look up porn on these computers. A man gets awful lonely down here.

Carl gets up from the desk and walks around the room. The fluorescent lights are too bright as they shine off the grey stainless steel cabinets in the room, and he squints his eyes at the glare.

“Hello, everyone. Nice to see you again,” he says to the people in the room, but they don’t respond.

Carl walks slowly around the room. He approaches a woman he has a crush on. Her name is Kate and she is beautiful. Long, wavy brown hair; soft white skin that Carl imagines stroking with is rough hands and he relishes the thought of how smooth she would feel under his finger tips. He doesn’t know what color her eyes were because she’s never looked at him, but if she did, Carl likes to think they would be the purest blue he’s ever seen. Yes, Kate is beautiful, indeed. He walks over to her and brazenly rests his hand on hers.

“Hello, darling…”

He pulls the white sheet away from her face and stares at her peaceful face. It looks like she’s sleeping, he thinks as he reaches forward to touch her pale blue-grey lips. Devious thoughts race through Carl’s mind. He pictures himself on top of her,  holding her by the thighs as he has his way with her. I bet if she were alive she’d like that, he says to himself.

Carl can’t control himself and pulls the white sheet off the dead woman and climbs up on the gurney. He unfastened his belt buckle and the fly of his work pants, reaches inside and puts himself inside the woman. He moans with sick pleasure at the feel of her. She hasn’t been dead that long, so she’s still warm on the inside. He places both hands by her head and brings himself in and out of the dead woman. He takes his time, though; he wants to enjoy her as long as he can.


I am awoken by a noise in the room, kind of a soft grunting sound. Crap, I think…I’ve been found out. Someone must have gone looking for me when I didn’t come back and now I”m caught laying here on this hospital bed taking a nap when I should be working. I open my eyes and I’m blinded by fluorescent lights and stainless steel. Where in the hell am I? This isn’t where I fell asleep. I’m suddenly hit by a chill in the room. Why is it so cold in here? It wasn’t this cold in here before… Then, it hits me: the morgue. Holy shit, I’m in the morgue.

Panic washes over me. How did I get down here? I must have been more tired than I thought if I was mistaken for a dead body waiting to be taken down into the basement to the morgue.

I throw the blanket off myself and get up off the table. I can still hear the odd sound coming from around the corner of the room and as I turn the corner, I see a tall man on top of one of the bodies, his bare ass sticking up into the air and he’s…oh, dear Jesus, he’s having sex with a corpse. I stop in my tracks and my rubber soled shoes squeak against the linoleum floor. I gasp and quickly bring my hands up to my mouth to keep any more noises from escaping.

The man stops and snaps his head in my direction. His brown eyes locking on to mine. I’m still frozen in place and drop my hands to offer a meager apology.

“I’m…I’m…I’m sorry…I’ll uh, just be letting myself out…” I manage.

The man leaps off the table, tucking himself back into this khaki work pants and he hurriedly zips them up and he fumbles with his belt. He is coming at me in huge strides and I try to duck out of his way, but being in the cold morgue has made my muscles slow to respond and he grabs me around my neck. His hands feel like hot vice grips on my cold skin and he tightens them around my neck. I started to scream, but he pushed his thumbs against my trachea and any sound is cut off in a rasping gasp.

He quickly overpowers me, due to sheer size and strength and lack of oxygen and I slump to the ground as I lose consciousness.


Carl Davis is in deep shit.  Not only did he get caught fucking a dead woman, but he’s pretty sure he killed the woman who caught him. After he choked her and she passed out, he snapped her neck. He checked for vital signs, but he couldn’t feel her pulse and she definitely wasn’t breathing.

He went back over to Kate and reluctantly covered her back up, but not before running his hands over her one more time, lingering over her. He pulled the sheet back to her face and wheeled her gurney into one of the storage lockers. Now for the woman on the floor. He dragged her over to the gurney she had been on and struggled to get her back on top. He finally managed, but it was a huge task and it left him sweaty and breathless. He had just finished rolling her into one of the lockers when he felt a hand clasp down on his shoulder.

Carl let out a yelp and whipped around to see his co-worker, Mike.

“Jesus fucking Christ, Mike! You scared me to death!” he yelled.

“Ha! Well, this is as good of a place as any, Carl,” Mike laughed. “Hey man, are you okay? You don’t look so good? Are you feeling alright?”

Carl saw this as his golden opportunity.

“No, actually. I think I’m coming down with something. Mind if I go home and get some rest? Maybe I have that flu bug that’s been going around. ” He faked a cough for good measure.

“Yeah, sure, man. Go home and get some rest. I think I can handle these stiffs.”

Carl walked back to the desk in the corner, grabbed his keys and walked out of the hospital, and was never seen again.

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