Who gives a crap?!

The Twilight series can kiss my heiny.

John Gosselin can suck my bottom.

Obama Care, Shmobama Care.

Bill Clinton DID have sexual relations with that woman, you lying sack of grits!!

P. Diddy, Puff Daddy, Sean Combs, Comb Daddy, Daddy Diddy, Combs Puff, DiddyPuff….whatever you go by, enough is enough.  Stop.  For real, I’m not even playing around here.

We get it, Dane Cook.  You think you’re hilarious.

I can’t get behind Snuggies for Pets.

Pepsi vs Coke?  Who cares.  why don’t be match up the great rivals:  Abraham Lincoln vs a great white shark?

These are things that weigh heavily on my fragile mind.

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