Oh.  That’s right.  My bad.  He retired.  That’s Drew Carey.

No joke, I had a brief freak out moment this morning while tuning into America’s favorite game show, The Price Is Right.  I haven’t had a chance to watch the show for a while and obviously, hadn’t seen it since Mr. Carey took over, so I was all “what the heezy?” when I turned the channel and thought I was watching a rerun of The Drew Carey Show. 

I only got to see the final showcase portion, but from what I saw, I didn’t really like what little I saw.  The look of the show is pretty much the same, but instead of the iconic 70s feel to the set, it looks like a “designer” from Trading Spaces renovated the joint.  And Drew seemed less than thrilled to be the host.  Sorry Drew, this shit ain’t “Whose Line”.  Ryan Stiles isn’t going to pop up and start doing “improv” at random, but mark my words, if that happens, you heard it here first, folks. 

So, the verdict is still out.  I mean, The Price Is Right has been a freaking American classic since the Crusades, so to try to improve upon it will prove a bit tricky.

  I like to think that Bob is watching from his phat Hollywood Hills mansion, rolling around in mad stacks of money, hookers licking his feet, and drinking baby bald eagle blood out of a goblet made out of ivory from an elephant tusk and munching on diamond crusted blue whale chips, because honestly, what else would The Bob be doing now? 

So, best of luck to Bob, hope you’re enjoying your golden years and good luck to Drew because you’re going to need it, son.


  1. pam · September 20, 2009

    u have never lied it is not the same any more i grow up with bob i love the show but i just can not make my self watch it now i did one time i could not finish the show cause u r right it was more like the 70 look now it like u say and drew does look very unhappy about being there bob made it fun u knew some thing different was going to happen each day u watch the show bob was a natural. bob i was sad to c u go but please enjoy ur retirement.

  2. Joshish · May 20, 2010

    When I was “doing time” for my DUI, the name of the company that makes shampoo, jail flip-flops and all that was called ‘Bob Barker Industries’ or something… and I wondered… hmmm…

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