Excuse me? Come again?


Long story short:  I’m about 4 weeks away from graduating from college and in the last quarter of my schooling, I have been “working” as an extern at the Nebraska Heart Institute.  By “working”, I mean I go in, put in a 1o hour day, and I get “paid” in learning the tricks of the trade:  a.k.a.  I don’t get paid at all.  

This week, I have been learning about the medical records/billing/insurance aspect of the job and have been working in the medical office.  Good stuff.  I sort through medical records all day and alphabetize things.  Boring?  Not at all.  I really enjoy the monotony of it all. 

Anyway, I’m working, la la la, sorting through a bunch of papers, trying to find an insurance claim on a patient, when the lady I’m helping out asks me out of nowhere, “Erin, do you have a rubber finger?”


 Do I have a rubber finger? 

 I giggled.

Uh, no, I do not have a rubber finger.  Why do you ask? 

Well, it turns out to be not as funny as what I was hoping for.  There is a device that peope who deal with sorting papers and whatnot put over their index finger and it helps them flip through the pages with ease without being a grossykins and licking your fingers to help you flip through pages.  I freaking hate it when people do that.  It’s like thanks pal, for licking your fingers and then touching my paper.  Awesome.  Why don’t you just stick your finger in my ear while you’re at it.  Great.  Thanks. 

I knew what the device was, but still, her asking me if my finger was rubber threw me off a bit.  It just seems like a personal question to me.  Kind of like when you have to fill out a questionaire at the doctors office….

“Have you ever had a blood clotting disorder?  Do you have a history of stroke, heart disease, or cancer in your family?  Do you have a rubber finger?”

Do they, and by “they”, I’m referring to a group of people, make prostetic fingers?  Like, if you lost your index finger in a freak fake gun fight, could you get an actual rubber finger?  Or do you just not bother with it and use the stump to scare small children?  I sometimes pretend that I lost part of my finger.  Because I’m partially retarded and take joy in stupid stuff like that.

 That’s all.  I spend my days alphabetizing and pretending part of my fingers are missing. 


One comment

  1. hollywoodphony · September 27, 2007

    I’ll give you a rubber finger!

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