Hi, I’m nine years old and already, I’m an a-hole!

I am enraged.  Incensed.  I just read an article about some bratty little 9-year-old Chinese kid complaining that his first day of college at Hong Kong Baptist University was “very easy.”

Uh, you know what I find very easy, March Boedihardjo?  Staying up late, eating ice cream whenever I want, and driving my own car.  Man, being an adult is soooo freaking easy that I just want to go somewhere, unattended, no parental supervision, and go play in a toy store.  By myself.  And come home whenever I want to. 

There’s a word for your kind, mister, and it’s “showboat.”  Nobody likes a showboat.  I bet even your parents hate you and wish that you were their second born son so that they could give you up for adoption. 

Excuse me, I’m going to go play with puppies and then go to a candy store.


One comment

  1. Paul of FunBox · September 8, 2007

    This is just a great blog entry. It made me giggle. That Boedihardjo kid’s lamer than that crusty old dean.

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