You’re playing….PLINKO!!!!

Bob Barker is retiring from The Price Is Right after 185 years as the host of the wildly popular game show. 

I think this show is the key to world peace.  If the baby kitties and Snak-Pak puddings running the country would show reruns of The Price Is Right over in the Middle East, all the fighting will stop.  No questions asked.  Darfur?  Done.  No more.  North Korea?  Forget about it!  All the disputes of the world will be solved by one, single, solitary viewing of Bob Barker giving away a Foosball table to an overly excited contestant.  A euphoric, eutopian society will result from all the nations of all the worlds watching Bob work his magic.  You mark my word. 

One comment

  1. hollywoodphony · June 6, 2007

    Um, where the hell are the sluts?

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